On Board MS Balmoral with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

15th May – Newcastle, UK

16th May – Edinburgh, Scotland

18th May – Cruising Swedish Fjords

19th May – Malmo, Sweden

20th May – Visby, Sweden

21st May – Stockholm, Sweden

22nd May – Stockholm, Sweden

24th May – Gothenburg, Sweden

26th May – Edinburgh, Scotland

28th May – Bergen, Norway

29th May – Eidfjord, Norway

31st May – Edinburgh, Scotland

2nd June – Bremen, Germany

3rd June – Bremen, Germany

4th June – Kiel, Germany

5th June – Warnemunde, Germany

7th June – Hamburg, Germany

9th June – Edinburgh, Scotland

11th June – Kiel Canal Transit

12th June – Copenhagen, Denmark

14th June – Tallinn, Estonia

15th June – St Petersburg, Russia

16th June – St Petersburg, Russia

17th June , Stockholm, Sweden

18th June – Stockholm, Sweden

20th June – Gothenburg, Sweden

21st June – Oslo, Norway

23rd June – Edinburgh, Scotland

25th June – Bergen, Norway

26th June – Flam, Norway

27th June – Olden, Norway

28th June – Alesund, Norway

30th June – Edinburgh, Scotland

2nd July – Antwerp, Belgium

3rd July – Antwerp, Belgium

4th July – Ghent, Belgium

5th July – Amsterdam, Netherlands

7th July – Edinburgh, Scotland

8th July – Kirkwall, Shetland Islands

9th July – Lerwick, Shetland Islands

10th July – Bergen, Norway

12th July – Edinburgh, Scotland

15th July – Flam, Norway

16th July – Olden, Norway

17th July – Hellesylt, Norway

18th July – Kristiansund, Norway

19th July – Bergen, Norway

21st July – Edinburgh, Scotland

22nd July, Newcastle, UK

24th July – Bergen, Norway

25th July – Flam, Norway

26th July – Olden, Norway

27th July – Hellesylt, Norway

29th July – Newcastle, UK

30th July – Invergordon, Scotland

31st July – Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

2nd August – Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

3rd August – Lerwick, Shetland Islands

5th August – Newcastle, UK

7th August – Bergen, Norway

8th August – Flam, Norway

9th August – Olden, Norway

10th August – Hellesylt, Norway

12th August – Newcastle, UK

15th August – Reykjavik, Iceland

16th August – Reykjavik, Iceland

18th August – Akureyri, Iceland

19th August – Akureyri, Iceland

20th August – Seydisfjordur, Iceland

23rd August – Newcastle, UK

25th August – Bergen, Norway

26th August – Eidfjord, Norway

28th August – Newcastle, UK

29th August – Invergordon, Scotland

30th August – Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

31st August – Lerwick, Shetland Islands

2nd September – Newcastle, UK

6th September – Oporto, Portugal

8th September – Malaga, Spain

9th September – Casablanca, Morocco

10th September – Cadiz, Spain

11th September – Lisbon, Portugal

12th September – Vigo, Spain

13th September – El Ferrol, Spain

16th September – Newcastle, UK

18th September – Ghent, Belgium

19th September – Antwerp, Belgium

20th September- Antwerp, Belgium

21st September – Rotterdam, Netherlands

22nd September – Amsterdam, Netherlands

23rd September – Amsterdam, Netherlands

25th September – Newcastle, UK

28th September – Malmö, Sweden

29th September – Visby, Sweden

30th September – Stockholm, Sweden

1st October – Stockholm, Sweden

2nd October – Stockholm, Sweden

4th October – Gothenburg, Sweden

6th October – Newcastle, UK

8th October – Gothenburg, Sweden

9th October – Copenhagen, Denmark

11th October – Tallinn, Estonia

12th October – Helsinki, Finland

13th October – St Petersburg, Russia

14th October – St Petersburg, Russia

17th October – Oslo, Norway

19th October – Newcastle, UK

21st October – Bremen, Germany

22nd October – Bremen, Germany

23rd October – Hamburg, Germany

24th October – Kiel, Germany

25th October – Warnemünde, Germany

26th October – Kiel Canal Transit

28th October – Newcastle, UK

Fri 7 Dec – Sun 30 Dec – Cinderella – Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle Upon Tyne