This Year Hasn’t Gone As Planned

Here’s the answer to the question that everyone is asking ‘when are you going away’.

In early January I had a minor operation to remove a lump from my lower back (it wasn’t anything serious) leaving me with the world’s longest recovery having to have hospital & surgery visits daily for the foreseeable future. The operation seemed to be success, but the top and the bottom of the wound simply haven’t healed and 1 in 5 wounds break down, with me being the one! This left me with no other option to withdraw from the cruise contract where my fellow team members are in rehearsals as we speak and it’s upsetting me everyday as I know I should be there. I didn’t tell anyone about the operation or what I’ve been going through as I was 90% promised I would get away and continue my summer as planned, and when the consultant said that I should get ‘local’ work for the summer, it broke my heart as doing the job I love, just isn’t that doable living here in Northumberland, there’s absolutely nothing here. When I’m usually away, I get approached for work and I have to say no as I’m cruising or abroad, but this year, I’m able to do those, bringing in a tiny bit of dollar, but I can’t claim for anything, but I’m capable of working little bits and bobs, yet other people get everything. I fully understand that health comes first, but when this recovery is taking up my life, it’s beginning to get very frustrating. I can’t go anywhere too far away from home, as I have appointments and different times everyday and they can’t even give me a sneaky day of not visiting them. I hope to be back on my feet and travelling soon, family and friends have been great trying to take my mind of it, but it’s really difficult being back at home and letting the NHS take over my busy life.

What a time it’s been, but I’m a strong believer in things happen for a reason. So let’s see what this year brings, I’m excited for the work I’ve got in, and panto will be here before we know it. X

2 thoughts on “This Year Hasn’t Gone As Planned

  1. What rotten luck, Lewis! Sending best wishes and am walking around with crossed fingers, legs, eyes ….. just fallen over!


  2. Stick in there lewis….your time will come…you are so very good at your jobso use this time to rest up before you start on your long trips again


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