Almost time to sail away

Rehearsals in Norfolk √

Travel home √

Pack for the ship X

After 6 weeks of rehearsals in Norfolk and my brain becoming extremely fried, I’m now back home and almost ready to embark and finally cruise! I’m so excited to be doing what I love and heading to sea. I’ve always wanted to do a ship and it’s happening!!

Over the rehearsal period, we’ve learned several production shows and learned all we need to know about entertaining our guests over the next 6 months. I simply can’t wait. All I need to do now is pack and enjoy a few days at home before heading to Southampton to dock and head for the Canary Islands, before cruising to several destinations around the globe. The thought of visiting so many places excites me and I cant wait to see what the world has to offer. See our full itinerary here.

I’m hoping to carry on updates throughout my time onboard, but I’ve been told the internet isn’t the greatest. So I may be a bit quiet, but knowing me, I’ll be sitting having coffee at a little cafe somewhere.



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