Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Well, what a busy time I’ve had with pantomime over the festive season! I loved every minute of starring in Beauty And The Beast in the Toon! Thank you to everyone that came along and supported us. We all had a blast, there was lots of laughs and also tears as this was the final production from Newcastle Pantomime Company at the Tyne Theatre. I wish all the cast members well in whatever they do next. It’s such a shame as some of them were involved for many years and we were just a happy family. It was only my second season with them, but from the start I felt very welcome.

I’ve come to the conclusion when I stop and have a little bit of time off, I get ill! I think this is completely down to my body not being used to the break! As I write this, I’ve got snot running down my face (sorry), I need to do something soon! The nice thing is that I’m busy busy from the next few days, so this snot should shift!

Let’s address what I’m currently getting asked – ‘What you doing next?’. Well, being self employed as a performer means that there may be ‘time out’, I’m enjoying this as we speak. With numerous trips to the big smoke for auditions, we’ll see what will happen next. I’ve been very lucky (touch wood), to have worked a lot, which is great. As much as this is a little break, myself and a friend are working on an ongoing project which will be revealed when it’s finished, it’s just taking time!

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